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Hapki Yu Sool Hapkido

Hapkido is a traditional Korean martial art that focuses on utilizing coordinated power with balance, leverage, and positioning for self-defense and control of your opponent. Some of our Hapkido techniques include strikes, kicks, avoidance, deflection, redirection, blocks, joint locks, chokes, throws, rolls, falling, ground defense, and weapons defense.

Hapki Yu Sool Hapkido is specifically designed to be functional-based and tailored to each student’s body and needs. Our techniques have been carefully researched, developed, and organized to meet not only our student’s needs but the challenges presented by today’s society.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.
Due to student’s various work schedules and family commitments, our instructors are flexible and willing to accommodate most reasonable needs and requests for training.

Dojunim Floyd Yoder, Lead instructor: 828.439.5339 or
Master Anthony Stafford: 828.234.5461 or