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Balintawak Escrima

We are extremely fortunate to be an authorized and certified Balintawak Escrima chapter school. Our school currently has two level six instructors and one level seven instructor who were personally trained, tested, and certified by GM Bobby Taboada.

Balintawak Escrima is a Philippine martial art that focuses on the use of one rattan stick as compared to two which are often used in other Escrima and Arnis systems. Balintawak covers various techniques such as but not limited to 12 strikes, defense and counter, grouping, disarms, and butt strikes. The concept and principles are based on “Cuentada” which is counter to counter. Speed, power, and simplicity of the curriculum sets it apart from other styles, especially in Combatives.

Classes are taught on various days and hours depending on the student’s availability.

Andrew Osmer, Level six, Lead instructor: 828.228.1031
Master Anthony Stafford, Level Six: 828.234.5461 or
Grand Master Floyd Yoder, Level Seven. 828.439.5339 or