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We utilize various traditional martial art styles in order to realistically create opportunities for positive self-growth, both personally and professionally.  With our extensive background in law enforcement, we are able to realistically provide information in a manner that is truly needed and welcomed by a civilian population.  Furthermore, our law enforcement professionals are also provided with techniques and tactics that are legally, medically, and tactically excepted.

Most people journey into the martial arts for specific reasons such as self-defense, physical fitness, and self-confidence.  Regardless of the reason, various attributes help the students obtain their goals.  These attributes include focus, discipline, concentration, and situational awareness.  Saeng Jeon Do is interpreted as a way of survival and relies on these attributes to create a safer and more proactive environment.

Our current training location is in the recreation building of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 2780 North Center Street Hickory NC 28601.  Please contact us for scheduled hours of training.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  Please explore our site to see if Saeng Jeon Do Martial Arts can assist you in your martial arts studies.  Please contact us at

Mission Statement

We are firmly committed to creating and nurturing an environment of personal growth by honoring our respected traditions and preparing for our future with a reality-based mindset.  We will consistently strive to promote the highest quality of professional training and experience while utilizing various life-survival tactical concepts and training methods for maximum achievement in order to develop and strengthen our mental and physical abilities.  Our core values of honesty, perseverance, discipline, respect, integrity, and trustworthiness are our foundation that guides us toward our path of excellence.

We recognize that individual achievements can only be accomplished by a strong support system of dedicated and committed martial artists.  Therefore, we are committed to a team concept of unity and professionalism as we move forward in our ever-changing and constantly challenging society.

GM Floyd Yoder
10th Dan and Founder

Please visit our other company Survival Tactical Concepts Inc.